League Position & Results

Premier League

league 38
The target was #1. After bouncing around between 3rd and 4th for the last few weeks, Arsenal won on the last day and Tottenham, which had just been a few points ahead, lost. We finished the season in second. So close and yet so far.

Champions League

Arsenal pulled off an amazing escape to the Round of 16, beating Olympiacos in Greece by the requisite scoreline. We faced fearsome Barcelona next, losing 0-2 at home.  We faced them again on March 16, in Barcelona, losing 3-1.  Put a fork in us; we’re done.

FA Cup

Round 3: Arsenal beat Sunderland on January 9.

Round 4: Arsenal beat Burnley on January 30.

Round 5: Arsenal tied Hull City on Saturday, February 20 at home, then beat Hull 0-4 on Tuesday, March 8 at Hull.

Round 6: Arsenal lost to Watford on March 13, 1-2, at home. Game over.

Capital One Cup

Round 3, 9/23: Arsenal beat Tottenham 1-2.

Round 4, 10/27: Arsenal lost to Sheffield Wednesday away, 3-0. Oh, dear.

Community Shield

community shield
Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-1 in glorious glorified friendly

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