Many Thanks

I have been deeply blessed by the generosity and thoughtfulness of so many people during this amazing season in which I was able to follow the most unlikely of dreams.

Thanks to Geoff and family, for leaving London and vacating the Emirates, opening seats for me, and for giving me a gentle shove over the fence to do something unimaginable.

Thanks to William for your generosity.

Thanks to Andy, for learning the maze that is the Arsenal website and enduring the transfer of tickets, for commiserating and celebrating.

Thanks to Dermot for understanding that football is important enough to miss work. A lot of it.

Thanks to Brian for a variety of offered support, for meeting us for beer, and for introducing us to Roast.

Thanks a million to Lisa and Pat, for keeping the home fires burning as we travelled, for keeping my kids company, for making the best scrambled eggs, for loving my kids.

Thanks to my Caroline and James, for shooing us away, and being good to each other (mostly), for inspiring me and supporting me.

Amy O hugging a rather indifferent Tony Adams

Thanks to Ron, my companion and love, who joined me on this journey, who fact-checked my blog posts to the best of his ability though sometimes days late, who became a master of airfare, miles, and travel credit cards.

Thanks to Dad. You demonstrated the importance of pursuing a dream. You showed me how to start over.

Thanks to the people of London. You welcomed me, you entertained me, you fed me Sunday roast and beer. So much roast and beer.

Thanks to my readers and friends. You gave me purpose, you supported me, you joined me on this ride, no matter how little or much you love Arsenal, or football, or travel, or feasts. You read my words and looked at my travel pictures.

Finally, thanks to the men of Arsenal. To paraphrase the fictional Miranda Priestly of The Devil Wears Prada, of all of the Arsenal teams I’ve followed, you were by far my biggest disappointment. And, in my own words, you have also produced some of my greatest joys.

From Arsene Wenger, through the various starting 11 and subs, through the players not picked at all or in the infirmary, through 3rd-choice goalkeeper Matt Macey who I couldn’t pick out of a police lineup, you are my heroes.

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