Love of Arsenal has required compromise, change, and engaging in some activities that are embarrassing to confess.

Technological enhancements required:

  • A smart phone
  • A HD smart TV
  • Cable packages
  • Mobile sports apps

Social and religious faux pas committed:

  • Frequenting bars, unaccompanied, midday to watch Champions League and FA cup games
  • Checking game scores (Arsenal and rivals) on phone
    • at church
    • during meetings at work
  • Skipping church (or sneaking out after communion) to watch games
  • Watching weekday games on computer monitor at work
  • Showing up at friends’ house early on a Saturday morning with donuts and coffee–that they did not want or need–to watch games on their cable package that was not on ours

Parental obligations failed:

  • Missing kid’s soccer (more than I would like), wrestling tournaments (almost all), music recitals (only a few) to watch games
  • Asking kids to read Arseblog live game posts while being transported by car, exposing them to unsavory language and concepts
  • Requiring children to Christmas in London where mechanics and explanations around Santa caused child’s demand for truth the day we left for London, which I was compelled to deliver.*

Unfortunately, I can’t be absolved for any of these sins because I don’t regret them in the least. In fact, I plan to commit far more in the next year. As you are my witness.


* Lest you think the truth divulged was the common “truth,” which I categorically do not accept, the truth is this: Santa is an Arsenal fan.

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