Draft day

It’s finally here!

One cannot overthink it enough. Says she.
One cannot overthink it enough. Says she.

I’ll meet this afternoon by phone with the folks who are sharing season tickets to select games. My husband and I have carefully mapped out our strategy to minimize travel expenses and life complications and (hopefully) maximize Arsenal joy across the season. Complicated algorithms and color coding have been completed. Copious notes taken. Have even engaged in several rounds of mock draft selection, I am deeply embarrassed to admit. Even more embarrassed to report that it was helpful and possibly necessary.

I am ready.

The competitions involved in today’s draft include Barclays Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and FA Cup. Possibly Capital One Cup, Emirates Cup. Premier League games are the most desirable for me because they usually occur on the weekend; the others usually occur midweek. However, the draft approach requires some exposure to each competition. For those unfamiliar with the competitions, watch for me to put up a page of explanation in the next day or so.

But for now, wish me luck!

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