I’ve moved on, Drew and Jonathan

But before I get into that, let’s note that it’s Emirates Cup weekend. Arsenal play Olympique Lyonnais tomorrow and VfL Wolfsburg on Sunday. Both games are at 11:15 ET in the States, online on ESPN3. Four teams play two games each (the fourth team is Villarreal). The winner is the team that achieves the most points. 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, one point for each goal. Because there are two games in quick succession, the tournament will probably involve fielding two almost completely different teams for each game. Good chance to see many of the lads. The bleacher report is predicting that Arsenal will field the stronger of its two lineups tomorrow. Since the point is to prepare for the season, every game including the best 11 will help build cohesion, which is key to Arsenal’s game. Well, everybody’s. Naturally. This is a fluid sport.

Drew and Jonathon, or maybe Jonathan and Drew
Drew and Jonathon, or maybe Jonathan and Drew

OK, Drew and Jonathan, back to you. As you know, we had a thing. It was started by accident during the cold of one winter when I found myself alone at home, probably between dropping off Child A at piano and before picking up Child B at viola. It didn’t mean anything at first. It didn’t mean anything in the middle either. It was just easy. And it became a habit. I watched you shop for houses with your clients. You always showed them the big, fancy house at the beginning that they couldn’t afford, then the crappy hovels, one of which they would actually buy. You swore you’d make it the house of their dreams, on time and under budget. Then you’d seemingly dash their dreams over the course of five weeks, finding carpenter ants, leaks, rat infestations, illegal plumbing, while the expenses piled up. Meanwhile, your clients would change their minds again and again about that fireplace, question your color choices, and wish you’d leave. Then you’d kick them out for a few days so you could implement the magical final touches. At last we’d see the glorious BIG REVEAL of the gorgeous home, and everyone would cry and hug. It never looked quite like the big, fancy house you showed them in the beginning, but by then you’d toyed with them so thoroughly they were happy to have anyplace to put their stuff. This scenario played out over and over and never got old. I never told you this, Drew and Jonathan, but I had a thing for Hillary “Love it” and David “List it,” too. And that Nicole lady, in a pinch.

Then one Saturday I was sitting in Meg’s coffee shop in Rockford waiting for my daughter to finish her ACT. I had a few hours to kill and I was reading my friend’s Singapore blog. My husband and I had already made our decision about the Arsenal tickets but were still working through the logistics of paying for them. Reading my friend’s blog made me wonder what it takes to set one up and how much work it would be. I started researching on my phone and happened upon WordPress. Before I knew it, I had a trial account set up, had named the blog, and was on my way. The only friction was that I had to consult by text with my husband about whether wholearsed.net was a cooler domain than wholearsed.me or wholearsed.com. I decided on .net because my blog was about football, in which nets are kind of important. By the time I picked up my daughter after the ACT, I was a blogger-to-be. Also very well caffeinated.

I spent my two-week trial learning how to use the software and making sure I had 2-3 posts in me a week. I found that I do, but some sacrifices would have to be made. And what I sacrificed, Drew and Jonathan, was you. I sacrificed you so easily and thoroughly that just now when I started this post I had to look up Jonathan’s name. Yes, I’ve forgotten you that quickly, brothers.

Also, I’m not that good with names.

Jonathan and Drew and all of you, the footballing season is getting so very close. Community Shield next weekend, and season play the week after that.  Boy, oh boy.

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