Mesut Özil inspires the first Gooner Supper Club

The Arsenal win against Crystal Palace feels more comfortable 90 minutes after the end of the match than it felt at any point during the match. Arsenal looked great most of the time, but Crystal Palace put together far too many solid moments for comfort. But 3 points are in the bag.

Mesut Özil was man of the match, with a 98% pass completion rate. Only one pass he attempted went astray. He also assisted the first goal. You can watch it here. The goal is very beautiful and worth seeing all by itself, but watch what Özil does in the buildup. This clip is a great example of his brilliance. It can go undetected because it happens so seamlessly.

Mesut Özil
Mesut Özil

Mesut Özil has been an Arsenal player since 2013, acquired on the last day of the transfer window from Real Madrid, so late in the day that Arsenal had to have his medical performed by a physician for the German National team rather than Arsenal’s own medical staff and had to request an several-hour extension to the window to finalize the deal. I remember hearing in the early morning that day that Arsenal had a potential deal in the making to acquire Özil. That was an agonizing day, rumor and counter rumor and far too many hours of silence in the middle. But at the end of the day, we had him, one of the best football players in the world.

We were so happy that my husband carved an Özil jack-o-lantern for Halloween that year. I believe my photos have been lost to a phone disaster, but if I happen to locate them, I’ll post them.

Mesut Özil approaches the game so calmly, his calm actually causes controversy. It can be read as a lack of effort, and in fact last week, he didn’t seem very engaged. I remember the first time my husband saw him play for Arsenal, he pronounced that Özil was unlikely to become injured because of the way he approaches the game. By Arsenal standards, that has indeed been true, although he did have a spell out injured last season. By all appearances, he came back strong and solid. Arsène Wenger has said that he sees Özil having a great year this year, maybe challenging for Player of the Year. We’ll see about that. Today he certainly had a good day.

Özil is German, so the Gooner Supper Club will feature Pork Schnitzel.  For a recipe, click here.

I’ll post my photo later.

As I finished off this post, Manchester City scored a third goal against Chelsea, going 3-0. Given my vow yesterday, I am not in any way celebrating. No siree. Not I.


Much later….

Adding on here rather than starting a new post. The pork schnitzel was good! Photo below, with Mesut looking on approvingly. Found the Jack-Ö’zil-Lantern photo as well.

Mesut oversees the serving of pork schnitzel.
Mesut oversees the serving of pork schnitzel.

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