Let’s get together and feel all right

Arsène Wenger was interviewed again this week and, again, he revealed something remarkable. He divulged his deep and abiding love for Bob Marley.

I love his music and the man that he was. He was not fabricated. He was real. I love people who do not have conventional paths and who stand out because of their talent.

Don’t we all? In a TMI moment, Arsène also acknowledged that he sometimes appears “constipated.” He alluded to a sense of humor in his personal life that is not present in his footballing life.

While watching today’s match against Sunderland, I understood gastric distress all too well. With our stars mostly missing we looked as rusty and incomplete as can be, but somehow pulled out a 3-1 win. Arsenal had goals from Campbell, Giroud, and Ramsey. Giroud also scored Sunderland’s goal. The man of the match was goalkeeper Petr Cech, which tells you a lot about how the match went down.

The one Cech couldn’t save. Source: The Guardian.

Cech is from the Czech Republic, so we’ll celebrate him tonight at the Gooner Triumphal Feast with this Czech Roast Pork and, if we’re feeling energetic, this Traditional Slavak Haluski. Cech made more than one important save, so it’s the least we can do.

You can listen to this from Bob Marley while you cook. I’m starting to feel better already now that the three points are in the bag, but we could all use to “feel all right.”

Back with photos from the Feast later.


Back from the Feast after a great many dishes to be washed. Petr Cech had a lot of work to do today, and celebrating him was also a lot of work. Both the Roast Pork and Haluski were good. The Haluski was like small hockey pucks, which I would guess is not true if you know what you’re doing, but with so much bacon and cheese, it couldn’t fail.

When push came to shove, what I enjoyed most was the Two Brothers Domaine DuPage beer, brewed right here in the Western suburbs. That, and the Bob Marley. Would never have considered myself a big fan, but I enjoyed listening to him with fresh ears after Arsène’s interview.

Arsenal end the day in 2nd position in the Premier League. Man City lost to Stoke City and dropped to 3rd, and Manchester United could only manage a draw against West Ham. Leicester City still sits in 1st position, with a big win over Swansea. It’s as tight as can be at the top of the league.

Arsenal have a big, big game coming up on Wednesday against Olympiacos in the Champions League. To move into the Round of 16, Arsenal must not only win but also score either two unanswered goals or more than two goals. If Arsenal succeed, the home leg Round of 16 match is one we’ll get to attend.

Let’s hope we can find some small strengths from today on which to build. One awesome achievement this week: No one was injured during the match.

3 thoughts on “Let’s get together and feel all right

  1. Mrs. sportsattitudes has a friend who years ago had a couple of very cool dogs. One was named Bob. One was named Marley. Obviously a big fan. Congrats to Arsene and the Gunners. I also hope he can find a better way to describe his look. 😃

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