Sky (if that’s your real name):

Sky. You hold clouds, and expansive blue. Above mountain and sea you spread.


But then there’s the other Sky. The Sky that is able to check its spreadsheets and determine when each Premier League match will be played. It is able to do this at six weeks in advance, while the world waits. And then, on a whim, it is able to run a few more models and change the match time again just over three weeks out.

That Sky is not expansive, neither does it spread above mountain and sea. That is the Sky that is lower than low. That is the Sky that is lower than a snake’s belt buckle.

skyDid you buy a train ticket to the match? Did you book a flight, reserve a hotel room?

Oh, thousands of you did?

That is none of Sky’s concern.

Sky need worry only about Sky. It chooses when it will telecast each match, and all must go along. If it chooses a second time, so be it.

Change your flight, your train, your hotel. Pay rescheduling fees or wrangle your travel insurance.

Or don’t come. It is your call.

We might ask, why would the powerful Premier League agree to such an arrangement, where shots of this nature are called by its TV partner?

We know the answer to that, don’t we?

Everyone will get their piece of the pie. Sky will, the Premier League will. Airlines and hotels will profit from nonrefundable tickets and their ability to resell reservations they heavily penalize you for changing. Travel insurers may suffer a bit, but the publicity can’t fail to help them in the future.

Arsenal, whose match against Leicester City was moved by a day, will not be harmed.

To know that everyone involved will fare so well should make me smile as I board the plane to return to Chicago from London. That flight back to Chicago that I waited patiently until Sky announced the TV schedules to book. That flight, originally the day after the match.

Behold the beauty of Sky as the gate closes 15 minutes before Arsenal kick off at the Emirates.


8 thoughts on “Sky (if that’s your real name):

  1. Ah, television. It controls everything in sports. College football teams (and fans) don’t often know until 6 days beforehand what precise time their games are. Many colleges schedule football games mid or late week in spite of alumni who can’t travel to any games unless they are on weekends. The NFL allows a game’s time changed from day to night with but two weeks notice. Television rules sports. They pay the huge contracts. They get the right to schedule as they see fit. The fans who attend games? Not a concern. The Premier League is at the mercy of their TV “partners” like all major sports organizations.

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  2. That sucks with a capital S. I just booked flights there for spring break and plan to pull the kids out of school a day early just in case SKY/BT decide to move the Palace match. I think I have all scheduling eventualities covered, but who knows what evil havoc they could wreak between now and then.

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