“He’s ‘ad a little too much to drink”

We left with a massive crowd from the Camden tube station, transferring to the Piccadilly line that goes to the stadium. When we entered the train, three men were jacking around, pushing each other playfully but without regard for others riding the train. One of them backed into me. “I’m sorry,” he said through notable beer breath. He pointed to his friend. “He’s ‘ad a little too much to drink.”Read More »

An evening with my people

We had been to the Emirates once before, described in my posts Premier league schedule will be announced tomorrow and The times they are a-changing. That time, we were clearly making a pilgrimage. In contrast with our temporary London living situation in which we found ourselves strangers in a strange land, described in my post Amongst the hipsters, when we attended the Liverpool match at the Emirates on Monday we could not have been more at home.Read More »