“He’s ‘ad a little too much to drink”

We left with a massive crowd from the Camden tube station, transferring to the Piccadilly line that goes to the stadium. When we entered the train, three men were jacking around, pushing each other playfully but without regard for others riding the train. One of them backed into me. “I’m sorry,” he said through notable beer breath. He pointed to his friend. “He’s ‘ad a little too much to drink.”Read More »

The truth about Christmas

I have been good. But not great.
I have been good. But not great.

I do love Christmas, but I sometimes find that the reality doesn’t quite live up to the anticipation. When I was a kid this was especially true. I’d get up on Christmas morning after weeks of anticipation and wait impatiently until the allowed parental wake-up time, at which time I would join my four siblings in the world’s fastest ripping off of wrapping paper.

Just like that, it was over. And the letdown permeated the rest of the Read More »